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Hi there. I wish all of u be happy and then calm. These days I have thought so much about my website and finally I have decided to improve my level and then push myself under pressure to read story and then write regularly about stores that I will read and write my novel about Taitam and others heroes.. So for some week maybe, I need time to do my sewing works and regulate my time.. then I want to write here.. Thanks all of u to be near me.. Leila Koutabadi _Leyku

Love yourself

The bad persons in your life ,don’t have any value to be in your mind
So give up any hate and live for yourself and your lovely persons (and this is for you too_love your self always..

New year new me

I love the life
I want to live
A new year is coming
And i am happy
Cause of myself
I want to enjoy from the best of mine
I want to try ‎
Hard and lovely trying
I am here
Exactly here
I am alive
I now that should enjoy ‎
I pass my life in love of art
And try and try and try because I do my lovely works
Clothes designing
Being happy and have a big smile on my face
Now my life is in new period of time
Hey girl
You are the best of yourself
And always you are and will be in this way
In a green forest
Hand in your loves hands

#leila koutabadi
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My friend
Talk to me
Not like a god
Just like a friend
I need to know that u are near me and hear me


لبخند را از یادت مبر
لب با ان تر می شود
زنده می شود
با لبخند از ته دلت
@jamvazh #jamvazh

don’t forget laughing
your lips
lips be wet with it
be alive
with a laugh from deep of your heart


مثل ی دلفین just like a dolphin

فقط میخوای زندگی کنی
ب دور از تمام لباس و غذاها و مدارک تحصیلی و شهر و کشور‎..‎
ب دور از عشق و دوست داشتن و تهی بودن
فقط زندگی کنی
مثل ی دلفین
لی کو

Sometimes …‎
You just want to live
Away from all the clothes and food and degrees of education and city and country
Away from love and like and emptiness
Just live
Right this
Just like a dolphin
A dolphin

‎#leyku ( Leila koutabadi)
Translagion date
5feb 2017

زندگی LIFE

That’s beautiful
Calm down
And don’t be upset from yourself
And believe in yourself and the reason that have chosen this world to live

ارام باش
و دلگیر از خویش مباش
و ب خودت و اینکه چرا این دنیا را برای زندگی انتخاب کرده ای ایمان داشته باش

خانواده Family

مادر و پدرت
تو را نخواهند فهمید..
هیچ وقت
چرا ک خودشان والدین خودشان نبوده اند
چرا ک هیچ وقت شرایط تو را تجربه نکرده اند
چرا ک افکارشان حداقل یک دهه از افکار شما جدا افتاده است..


Your mother and father
Won’t understand you
Since they not be parents of themselves
Cause never experience your situation
Because their Thoughts have been separated at least a decade of yours


گاهی Sometimes

تو عاشقی و عشقت عاشقت
تو بگو، با این آدم های خود خواه چ کنیم، وقتی آب را از گلوی تو بیرون می کشند
وقتی نمی گذراند تو در کنار عشقت آسوده باشی
دلگیرم از زمانه..
وقتی می بینم ک دو عاشق کنار هم خوشند و دیگران ناخوش
کاش عاشقان مال هم شوند و خرده گیران ویران



You love and your mistress love you too

Say to me, what we should do with these selfish peoples when take water out of your throat, when don’t allow you to be calm near your love

I am offended by the times, when i see tow lover are happy together and others are unhappy

I wish

Wish, lovers belong togethers and critics destroyed


عاشقانه های من و باد loving between me and wind

باد را دوست دارم
رها است بین گندم زارها
مثل رویاهای کودکی ام
دلم را به تو می سپارم.. باد
بار دیگر،کودکی ام را ببر لای گندم ها,بالای تپه ها و ب یادش بیاور آرزوهای از یاد رفته اش را

I like the wind

Free between wheatlands

Like my childhood dreams

I give you my heart.. wind

Take my childhood between weatlands again, above the hills

And remind her, her forgotten dreams


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