About glass menagerie

About glass menagerie

Author: Tennessee Williams

Translator: Marjan Bakhtminoo

A paly that shows deep layers of poor and complex family, about Tom’s dreams ( son of family) for adventure and experience new things, about past and memories of Amanda ( mother of family) and about Laura and her problems, fears and ش about past and memoris of Amanda ( mother of family) and about Loura and her problems, fears and  anxiety. In fact Laura is the center of family focus.

Laura is a faint girl that because of her deficiency on her leg has not any confidence and hides herself from the out world and pay her time to keeping her glass menagerie. But Amanda try to send out her until see new people and can find a man for marry.  For example she enrolled her in type class but she quitted it because of cachexia.. or when Amanda take her daughter to American girls society, she didn’t speak with anybody and all of this exhaust her but finally she found out fetch some young men to their house so she wanted of boy to invite some his friend in factory to come in their home. Tom that works in a factory invited of only friend there to come for a dinner in his home and that friend was Jim Aconer the past love of Laura in school but she never couldn’t say anything about that  to him, Because she thought Jim have another girl friend and has no interest to Laura. When Laura understood that their gust is Aconer, she scared and decide to hide in his room but Amanda didn’t allow her to do this and make her to be near of Jim. After dinner suddenly off hook lighting and Amanda want Jim to speak with Laura until she and Tom are rinse the dishes. Jim was a confident and joviality boy so he could ensure Laura to speak with him. They spook about Laura’s glass menagerie and also about her faint. Jim pries Laura’s simplicity and beauty. He wants her to be confidence and don’t worry about her deficiency because everybody has   some problem but near that have some talent and positive things. She doesn’t see just her leakage specific about her leg; he said that is hide leakage that anybody can pay attention. So he invites her to go outside of home and search for her wish. Also they dance together and it make Laura happier, but this not firm because Jim say about his love and this broke Laura’s heart.. But there was one hope because she was a home daughter like Laura. Jim went but I think so he leaved a hope and pluck in Laura’s heart to go out and find her life. But about Tome, he quit his family and go away like his father but everywhere she gone he thought about her sister and can’t find her exciting and happier. About Amanda, she get nearer than before with her daughter and..


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