About EMMA

Name of the story: EMMA


This story is about a rich and beautiful girl that wanted to help the other people until get marry. But she made a lot of mistakes. At first she arranged a marriage between her friend, Harriet, and vicar of village, but finally just made them upset. After that she wanted to arrange a marriage between Jane and Mr. Knightley, her neighborhood and family friend but it failed too. In the meantime she become to interesting Frank. But after some days she want to arrange another marriage between her close friend Harriet and Frank, but afterward she recognized that Frank loves Jane. It was a hidden love between them that anybody now about that because of Franks aunt opposition. But after death of his aunt, they revealed their secret love. After all of this event, Emma finds out that Harriet loved Mr. Knightley. This was sad news because she loses her cloth friend, Mr. Knightley. But at one evening day Mr. Knightley spoke with Emma and said about his love. He loved Emma, not Harriet.  Suddenly she found out because of her mistake maybe she loses her real love. But after all of this Mr. Knightley arranged a marriage between Robert and Harriet.  Robert was eldest love of Harriet but cause of before Emma’s speaking, Harriet refuse this love, but now Emma was happy and understood that have not to interfere in other loves and lives because maybe destroy her life  and injury other nearly person.

 But with all of this I think Emma was a selfish girl and because of her fun and showing her power and intelligence made so many mistakes, especially injury her poor friend Harriet.

Be happy

Leyku 🙂


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